Once upon a time...

We are the current Fashion Merchandising students at City of Glasgow college.  We are approaching the end of the course and preparing for our end of year fashion show, which is going to take place in a few months time. The fashion show is showcasing talented up and coming Scottish designers with an added fairytale twist in the middle of the show. As well as showcasing Scottish designers we are more importantly raising money and awareness for Carers Trust. Carers Trust is a new charity that offers support and recognition to young people that could be caring for a relative or friend who is ill. They aim to ensure that advice, information and support is available to all young carers. After speaking to the charity a few weeks ago we are certainly keen and excited to work with them and hopefully make a change to young carers lives today.

This blog will be updated regularly with posts and little updates on how the classes are getting along with the fashion show.

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